Kings Canyon Sequoia & Western Sierra - Sieren

"Artificial Sun"
Kings Canyon National Park
This was taken at very end of twilight. The trees were lit with a head lamp during a 30 sec exposure. I left my intervolometer/cable relase at home so 30 secs for every shot with the self timer was getting to me. It's the moon around 9pm taken over an hour past sunset. The moon isn't close to setting yet but the peaks around 11,900 ft elevation and the lake is at around 10,900ft so it actually not setting until about midnight. The intervolometer is a just a cable release w/ some timer funtions on it. It's a good tool to have in case your sleepy and forget that you left your DSLR on bulb all night long. After backpacking the 8.5 miles to get here and missing sunset I felt the need create something. I gave it a touch of the orton effect to give it some dreaminess.
John Muir Wilderness - Eastern Sierra Nevada Range, CA
Canon 5D 17-40mm at 17mm Iso 200