The Southwest - Sieren

I was walking around these parts in the Narrows while leading a workshop there this past weekend. There were a couple of deep spots but I had a Lowepro Dryzone bag that came in real handy at one point along the river walk. That little bag can save the day from the many perrils a landscape photographer run into with water whether it's a shallow stream or just the normal random larger sets of waves that come in at the ocean. We rented the dry pants on this adventure but the water still creeped in from below and the current blasting against my left leg gave me the shivers for a couple of minutes. One of the participants put on his jacket and beanie just after trying his own composition along this section of the Narrows. From looking at the first few comps I feel that if I did not rent the dry pants I wouldn't have been able to spend the time working the composition here. I used my 24mm tilt shift lens to squeeze in a few more mega pixels into the frame here by stiching 3 shots together without moving the image sensor. That lens is one of Canon's sharpest lenses and I don't often use it as much as I want to. The Journal Learn to see in a different way

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